Cargo Express


Easy Emperor Agencies Limited is a Nigeria total logistics and  freight forwarder registered in 1985 as a solution to all transportation problems facing  importers/exporters with goods originating from anywhere in the world, and having any part of Nigeria as its  final destination or transhipment point and any shipment from Nigeria to anywhere in the world. Since that year all Nigeria Airports and Seaports became our home and fortunate we become Exclusive agent of BAX Global of America a company of US$2.8 billion revenue per annum, in Nigeria since 1989 till the company acquired by SCHENKER. Thus have made us to be one of the first class Transport and Logistics Company equipped to meet the challenges of freight business in Nigeria.

Mission & Vision

The organization is manned by a set of seasoned professionals who knows the industry inside out. The combination of the experience gathered over the years has made us an authority when it comes to logistics. We can present you with a flexible port folio of services that can be easily integrated with your existing logistics strategies. We can implement or create solution where none has existed. As your logistics partner, we will work with you in order to facilitate a more seamless and efficient service for your client.

Our focus is to supersede our customer’s needs by provision of error-free service, value delivery and most importantly meeting your timing requirements. Every action of ours is taken with customer satisfaction as a major ingredient.


Our comprehensive range of services include

  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Customs brokerage
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Exhibition / Trade fair
  • Freight management
  • Cargo insurance
  • Project cargo
  • Express Courier


We have been a first class licensed custom broker and freight forwarder since 1985. Given this privilege, we can do physical handling of your cargo including customs clearance, documentation and delivery up to the consignee’s doorstep, a door-to-door service with proof of delivery for both your air and sea freight shipment to/from Nigeria.


EEA’s global airfreight services is strategically positioned to respond to our partner’s need by offering a complete schedule of delivery options for all international air freight requirements. Our staffs are present in all major airports in Nigeria in order to ensure smooth service whether your shipment is coming into or leaving any part of the country. We make use of all major airlines in order to ensure timely delivery as your shipment is moving or coming in the next available flight. We like to take full control of shipments from point of origin to the final destination in order to ensure prompt and efficient cargo movement at the most competitive rates and with the best possible service-even during the busiest seasons and under the most challenging conditions. Under our airfreight department we offer our partner and customers the following;

  • Delivery of virtually any size or weight shipment to consignee by the fastest available routine
  • Door – to – door to/fro most destinations including customs clearance
  • Export packing and crating
  • Freight consolidation and warehousing to/fro virtually anywhere
  • Extensive distribution capabilities and transportation management
  • Export documentation
  • Transhipment
  • Clearance and delivery guaranteed between 48 and 72 hours of cargo arrival
  • Freight collect billing option
  • Collect on delivery payment option


EEA’s offers the resources of an experienced sea freight forwarder along with a full line of integrated services of global partner. These include worldwide logistics capabilities, multimodal shipping options and much more, all at very competitive rates. ESSL has offices and agents at all major ports in Nigeria, and with our presence, we are able to choose the most frequent and reliable sailing schedule to/fro and destination.

By choosing us, our partner and customers are entitled to the following;

  • Door-to-door services to/fro most destinations including customs clearance complete negotiation, consular work, freight consolidation and warehousing
  • FCL and LCL imports and exports
  • Warehousing, assembly and distribution services
  • Container stuffing/unstuffy
  • Export packing and crating
  • Inland freight services
  • Export documentation
  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Vessel booking services
  • Transhipment
  • NVOCC Operation

Clearance and delivery guaranteed within ten (10) working days upon  arrival at port


EEA Global Projects provides specialty services and professional solution to all large-scale projects such as major plant and machinery movements from beginning to end. No matter if the object is particularly large or heavy – our international teams actualize the close and time-definite worldwide coordination required for large and demanding projects. With in-depth knowledge and experience, our team emphasis on optimizing cost plan, selecting appropriate carriers, and coordinating with worldwide transport specialists in order to assuring the success of projects and leads to peace of mind for our customers around the world.


The import facility of EEA is staffed by licensed custom brokers and specialists. This ensures that all available release procedures are taken in order to have your cargo cleared as quickly as possible. One of such procedures is pre-arrival processing. We use advanced database system to ensure the accuracy of customs declarations.

In order to see to it that your needs are understood, we go through a detailed account set-up process which is designed to cover all operation and technical issue. And we are there when you need us whether to assist you in customs audit or to perform late release. Our communication channels are open 24 hours a day to attend to your needs. We also recognize that your custom needs are not restricted to importing into Nigeria, which is why we are committed to serving as the single point of contact for your Nigeria Customs requirements.


At EEA, we are dedicated to solving all storage and distribution problems of our partner and customers. Our aim is to assure our partner and customers that they can concentrated fully on their primary business while leaving their complex logistics (storage and distribution) problems to the experts to handle.

We have professionals, who can work with our partner and customers to continually evaluate and improve on the supply/distribution chain, and as such, we are committed to moving aggressively to add new capabilities as customers demand warrants. Warehousing and Distribution play an important role in the entire logistics process and we make the service available to our clients and partner.

Some of the services available within our warehousing and distribution program include;

  • Warehousing and inventory management services
  • Inventory management/scheduling
  • Bonded warehouse/storage
  • General cargo storage
  • Order processing and invoicing
  • Efficient distribution network


At EEA, because we are aware of the market potential available in Nigeria, coupled with the rising demand by foreign manufacturers that want to introduce their products into the Nigeria market. We have developed a new service package that will take care of the exhibition/trade fair needs of our partners. We offer a total logistics solution package specifically designed for exhibition whether in a single location or multiple locations.

Some of its attractions include;

  • Movement of exhibition materials  quickly and expertly from the port to the convention floor and back
  • Provision of import/export, customs clearance, quarantine, transportation and storage services for exhibitions
  • On-the-spot loading/unloading, assembly, packing and transshipment
  • Forwarding of exhibit materials to next show location anywhere if required
  • Provision of consultancy services for exhibition business


EEA’s focus is very much on providing customized solutions for all aspects and modes of freight forwarding. We have a proven track record in managing large scale logistic operations for major importers in Nigeria especially in the area of data generation for management decision making. Our customized logistic solutions are for firms of all size and our focus brings practical industry experience together with a hands-on management approach of our customer’s global supply chain requirements.

Our focus is very much on providing customized solutions with an unparallel emphasis on the Nigeria market place, we combine the flexibility of a  medium sized  operator with the strength of global purchasing power through aggressive  route management strategies and long standing overseas logistics partner. This ensures that we can create customized programs to fit specific requirements with the financial means and operation expertise needed to be a global premier logistics provider.  We are not selling freight or logistics, but SOLUTION which is TOTAL VALUE ADDED management in logistics industry.


Insurance coverage for cargo is available on special request. We do not insure merchandize unless specially requested by either consignee or consignor. However, when requested, we provide the best possible service to our partner and clients, having established very close working relationship with our underwriters and their claims administrators.


We can also be your releasing Agent of any of your roll on roll off shipment and can also handle your consolidation vehicles in the container, deliver to the right ownership.