Freight management


Easy Emperor Agencies Limited is a Nigeria total logistics and  freight forwarder registered in 1985 as a solution to all transportation problems facing  importers/exporters with goods originating from anywhere in the world, and having any part of Nigeria as its  final destination or transhipment point and any shipment from Nigeria to anywhere in the world. Since that year all Nigeria Airports and Seaports became our home and fortunate we become Exclusive agent of BAX Global of America a company of US$2.8 billion revenue per annum, in Nigeria since 1989 till the company acquired by SCHENKER. Thus have made us to be one of the first class Transport and Logistics Company equipped to meet the challenges of freight business in Nigeria.

EEA’s focus is very much on providing customized solutions for all aspects and modes of freight forwarding. We have a proven track record in managing large scale logistic operations for major importers in Nigeria especially in the area of data generation for management decision making. Our customized logistic solutions are for firms of all size and our focus brings practical industry experience together with a hands-on management approach of our customer’s global supply chain requirements.

Our focus is very much on providing customized solutions with an unparallel emphasis on the Nigeria market place, we combine the flexibility of a  medium sized  operator with the strength of global purchasing power through aggressive  route management strategies and long standing overseas logistics partner. This ensures that we can create customized programs to fit specific requirements with the financial means and operation expertise needed to be a global premier logistics provider.  We are not selling freight or logistics, but SOLUTION which is TOTAL VALUE ADDED management in logistics industry.