Easy Emperor Agencies Limited is a Nigeria total logistics and  freight forwarder registered in 1985 as a solution to all transportation problems facing  importers/exporters with goods originating from anywhere in the world, and having any part of Nigeria as its  final destination or transhipment point and any shipment from Nigeria to anywhere in the world. Since that year all Nigeria Airports and Seaports became our home and fortunate we become Exclusive agent of BAX Global of America a company of US$2.8 billion revenue per annum, in Nigeria since 1989 till the company acquired by SCHENKER. Thus have made us to be one of the first class Transport and Logistics Company equipped to meet the challenges of freight business in Nigeria.


The definition of an NVOCC is a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier,  who performs all services of an ocean carrier except without operating the vessels.  The NVOCC issues its own bill of lading (typically referred to as a House Bill of Lading, hereafter HBL)  that contains virtually the same data fields as the corresponding Master Bill of Lading issued by the vessel operator,  each serving as a contract of carriage,  but for different parties.  The Master Bill  of Lading is a contract issued by the ocean carrier that is between the NVOCC and their agent (at origin or destination), while the HBL is the contract of carriage issued by the NVOCC between the actual shipper and actual consignee.

The Non-Vessel-Operating-Common-Carrier (NVOCC) is an important part of ocean freight business nowadays. Without such an organizational setup/structure, no globally acting freight forwarder/logistics service provider will be able to operate successfully in the worldwide ocean freight market.

We, the company EEA has proven our competences and very special knowledge for advising, assisting and managing a NVOCC organization for logistics service providers in respect of a professional NVOCC setup, registration and/or restructuring, creation of NVOCC cargo documents, contracts and operational procedures as well as advising and assisting the restructuring of internal work flows/ processes in medium size and large logistics service providers.

The organization is manned by a set of seasoned professionals who knows the industry inside out. The combination of the experience gathered over the years has made us an authority when it comes to logistics. We can present you with a flexible portfolio of services that can be easily integrated with your existing logistics strategies. 




EEA  (Easy Emperor Express) is Nigeria’s largest consumer oriented logistics company with a world-class technology platform. Hundreds of merchants ship daily their parcels and packages by leveraging EEA’s Pay-on-Delivery, tracking and business intelligence services.

Express delivery of time sensitive documents and parcels globally. Time in transit is usually between 24 to 72 hours. Consignments up to 500kg. Optional insurance for all types of shipments


Economical, day-definite delivery for less urgent parcels and freight. Pick-up today before end of business delivery to any country in the world within 5 -7 working days. Consignments up to 7,000kgs in Europe and 500kg worldwide, optional insurance


Ideal for larger shipments, we work with the best airlines in the world to guarantee you safe and quick delivery, with full tracking visibility, customs clearance, expert handling of shipping and regulatory paperwork. Our air freight service is second to none.


We use the International network partners to collect shipments from over 230 countries worldwide door-to-door. This can be done via express, economy express or airfreight services based on the weight restrictions and cost. It reduces down time equipment, gives you the option of payments by receiver at the point of delivery, and less dependent on foreign partners