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Every action of ours is taken with customer satisfaction as a major ingredient.

How can we help you?

We can implement or create solution where none has existed. As your logistics partner, we will work with you in order to facilitate a more seamless and efficient service for your client.

Air Freight

EEA’s global airfreight services is strategically positioned to respond to our partner’s need by offering a complete schedule of delivery options for all international air freight requirements.

Sea Frieght

EEA’s offers the resources of an experienced sea freight forwarder along with a full line of integrated services of global partner.

Custom Brokerage

The import facility of EEA is staffed by licensed custom brokers and specialists.This ensures that all available release procedures are taken in order to have your cargo cleared as quickly as possible.

Project Cargo

EEA Global Projects provides specialty services and professional solution to all large-scale projects such as major plant and machinery movements from beginning to end.

Cargo Insurance

.Insurance coverage for cargo is available on special request. We do not insure merchandize unless specially requested by either consignee or consignor.

Freight Managment

EEA’s focus is very much on providing customized solutions for all aspects and modes of freight forwarding.



Our warehouses provide the proper space for the safe keeping of goods, provides a system to economically coordinate the necessary activities, facilities and manpower, and provides for the overall control of the entire operation

We offer fully managed and secure general warehouses with close proximity to major ports and terminals. Our services cover temporary storage, long term hold or transit/sorting centres supporting distribution of finished goods for our clients. We also offer ambient temperature warehousing supporting specialized and temperature sensitive cargo.

With growing demands from our clients, we continue to invest in secure and modern warehouses (Storage & Bonded) in major cities around the country. Our facilities are fully serviced and managed by trained professionals that can enhance the distribution and inventory management capabilities of our clients

warehouse drum

Our warehouse services