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Easy Emperor is a Nigerian total logistics and  freight forwarder registered in 1985 as a solution to all transportation problems facing  importers/exporters with goods originating from anywhere in the world, and having any part of Nigeria as its  final destination or transhipment point and any shipment from Nigeria to anywhere in the world


Our mission is to be one of the most efficient transportation and logistics Company operating in a national environment that is ladened with great opportunities, vast resources and a promising future.

We have resolved to offer total quality service as our prime goal to our clients and affiliates, whether by air, land, or sea, no matter the volume through the application of modern information super Hi-tech facilities without compromising productivity, integrity and welfare of our employees, profitability for our shareholders and the growth of our corporate entity.

What We Do

We have got you covered any day and time for your clearing and forwarding freight project deliveries by air, sea, or land to your satisfaction.

Our 6-Strenght Process



We can make your discoveries and dream come true because this is our niche for over 30 years to solve your frieght problem locally and internationally.



After your discoveries we define clearly what is required to resolve all freight analysis necessary to complete your delivery which is why we have got you cover all round the year.



After defining your need we design how the process can be actualized from one phase to another.



After designing your needs, we plan to strategize on how to give maximum result for whatever  has been planned out.



Work is easy to execute after you have been able to strategize with your team members. You can hit the ground running.



The reason we are here is to deliver your goods in the right condition without stress.

Why Choose Us?

We think about you forth night long to deliver you the best quality work with timely update.

We are here to always give you best quality work from time to time.

We are here for you all year round to meet your needs.

We are result driven which why you can count on us.

We have been in business for over 30 years handling large consignment

We are quick to deliver your goods so that your ROI is guaranteed.

We have experienced team members available to give you the best of service ans satisfaction you need

Some Numbers

Check the arrays of our track records.

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